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To get started, please check out the links to the left under "Quick Info." That information is designed to help you quickly see what makes us different and what cards fit your taste and budget.

We offer photo wedding announcements and invitations on two paper types: Photo or cardstock. And we have multiple sizes and layouts, so it would be best if you checked out "Card Paper Types," followed by "Pricing."

Just a Sampling: The following is just a sampling of our photo wedding card designs. There are many more designs to choose from. You may want to look through our comprehensive catalog to see all of the designs. But before you do that, you might want to check out our Pricing or Pricing Estimator (pops in a new window, you might have to enable pop-ups for our site). Here is the link to our Full Wedding Card Catalog (also pops). Do read the info about taking notes when you open the catalog.

Customizable: You will see this repeated over and over on our site, because we want you to know that: every wedding card is completely customizable! And one designs from one type of card can be used for another card. For example, if you want a 5x7" Folding card (our folding cards are double-fold, meaning they are like two cards joined at one crease) you will have 4 panels with designs (front, inside 1, inside 2, and back -- we call them Panels 1-4). If you want a Photo Wedding Invitation, you can pick your 4 panels from the same design we have already made. Or you can pick panel 1 from a Thank You Card Panel 2, and for your panel 2 you can pick a panel 1 from an RSVP card. The combinations are endless, so it is good to take notes early on about the designs you like.

Design Examples:

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